The long-awaited tshirts are here! Scroll down to take a look at the design in full view, as well as a rather fetching shot of our very own Matteo acting as model and photographer all in one.

They’re dark navy, soft-style ringspun 100% cotton, and we have them in a range of sizes from S to XL.

Want one? Here’s how:

  • Sign up to our Patreon! We’re going to give two random tshirts away to Patreon supporters who are signed up on the 7th of October.


  • Tell us you want to buy one!

We don’t want to make profit on these, but we also don’t want to make a loss. So we’ll gather the names of people who want to buy a shirt, and then sell them to you all at cost, once we know how many are wanted. There’s a limited supply, so it’s a first-come first-served basis. All in all, they’ll come to around £10 each, plus shipping – unless you’d rather collect them from us at GP Liverpool.

So get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, or Email (tbepodcast at gmail dot com), and let us know your preference of size.