Throne of Eldraine Leagues

The Blue Envelope Podcast is hosting a series of MTG:Arena leagues with the launch of Throne of Eldraine Standard, and there are 20,000 gems plus other goodies on the line.

The leagues are being run through our discord server, which you can access by clicking here.

There are three leagues, each of which will play out a round-robin style tournament over the season, with the top finishers moving on to the playoffs

Jund league

Week 1 fixtures

Brando Calrision vs MatteoOJ
TharleVFX vs Vonuber1349
Enarr vs Fletch
BossChonkBaden vs Sti

Week 1 matches

Jeskai League

Week 1 Fixtures

Raefen27 vs Matthew Lythgoe-Thomas
Larzdk vs Danny
Chris Blackwood vs Dinglis
Xemnon vs FAB

Grixis League

Week 1 Fixtures

Lampalot vs Danny Duttall
Habibimtg vs kpass1991
Thiago Rodrigues vs JochenF
TheWillHallExp vs tpuefol

Week 1 matches