Meet the team

Matteo Orsini Jones profileMatteo Orsini Jones, founder of the podcast, has been playing for well over half his life since the dark days of Prophecy. A promising PTQ player in the mid-2000’s, Matteo broke onto the big stage in 2009 with a top 8 at Pro Tour. He’s picked up a couple of GP top 8’s since then too, but nowadays he contents himself with qualifying for the PT once a year and convincing himself that one day he will be able to profit off MTGO drafts.


Neil Rigby profileNeil Rigby, the podcast’s most wizened host, has by far the most experience with 3 GP top 8s and over 50 PTQ top 8s (that’s not a typo just the one P). Having dedicated much of his life to his passion for the game and his drive to succeed, Neil now helps out with official coverage on a regular basis, rubbing shoulders with the giants of the game.



Rob wagner profile

Rob Wagner, PhD adds some balance to the podcast with his love for Eternal formats and cube drafting. That’s not to belie his skills as a player though – With a strong GP day 2 ratio and a couple of Pro Tour appearances, he can brawl with the best of em. Unfortunately, work commitments mean he struggles to make weekend tournaments on a regular basis, but you’ll still find him playing islands and snorting at his opponent’s mountains somewhere in the depths of Magic Online.


Matt light profileWith 3 GP top 16s and a handful of PT appearances on his impressively consistent resumé, self-proclaimed (former) grinder Matt Light is a mainstay of competitive British Magic since the mid-2000’s. He might have given up on crashing (literally) into the realm of PT top 8s, but that doesn’t mean he’s pulled away from the spotlight – like Neil, he too busies himself with the official coverage team.