For a few years now, the Blue Envelope Podcast has been made without any sponsorship, because we want to be able to create content you’ll enjoy without any limitations. That does mean we have to pay all hosting costs ourselves though, and we’re not reimbursed for all the time we spend creating content that you (hopefully…?) enjoy, free of cost.

As such, we’d be really grateful if you could send us even just a little bit support on our Patreon, with tiers starting at just $1/£1 per month. As well as the fuzzy feeling you’ll get from supporting us, you’ll also get access to exclusive content at least once a month, as well as other goodies. Check out our current tiers below.

Potato ($1/£1per month)

Pledge just a dollar a month and you’ll earn our eternal gratitude – which, let’s face it, is priceless.

You’ll also get:

  • Access to all Patreon-exclusive content
  • Access to our private Patreon Discord server

Top Eighto ($4/£3.50 per month)

Buy us a booster pack!

$4 is roughly the cost of a booster pack, and for just the cost of a booster pack every month you’ll get our eternal, undying gratitude. 

You’ll also get:

  • Everything Potatoes ($1/£1) get
  • A personal thank you and some exclusive TBEPodcast goodies

GP champs ($10/£8.50 per month)

Become a contributor!

If you contribute $10 or more a month, you can send in a question once a month and we’ll talk about it as part of the main show.

You’ll also get everything that Top Eightos ($4/£3.50) get.

One of us! One of us! ($40/£34 per month)

Become a co-host!

If you have more money than sense, we’ll let you join us for a whole episode!

If you pledge at this tier for 4 months or more, we’ll let you join us for a live episode and we’ll send you an exclusive TBEPodcast t-shirt or hoodie.

You’ll also get everything from the other tiers.