Episode 195 – Invest or Love?

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Hi there!

We’re really getting into the swing of new-year-new-us with yet another format tweak – let us know what you think of a quick ‘news roundup’ to kick off every week.

After that, Rob takes us back 4 years to GP San Jose, when a fairly unknown upcoming team of LSV, Efro and Ben Stark took down the GP.

After that, in The Light Stuff, Matt asks us whether it’s possible to invest heavily in the game and still claim you love it.

Neil then rounds us out with his top 5 PTQ memories, in honour of PTQs being back under a new name: MCQs.

The other big news this week is that we have a Discord server up and running: come and chat with us in real-time! https://discord.gg/N2XWNqS

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