Episode 194 – New Year New Us

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This episode was posted a few days ago… we just forgot to update the website

It’s the first real episode of the year, so we thought we’d try out a few little structural changes. Basically all the co-hosts (everyone but Matteo) will have their own recurring feature now, just like Rob’s always had back in’t’day. Let us know what you think, and if there’s any tweaks or other new things you’d like to hear from us.

As always, Rob kicks us off with a Back in’t’day. This week it takes us way back to 2003, when Jackal Pup was still considered a good creature in Extended.

After that we introduce Matt’s new feature The Light Stuff (other working titles included Matt’s Debate…), where he brings a meaty topic to debate each week. To start things off he spoke about when the Guillaumes spoiled the New Phyrexia godbook, and the repurcussions it had across the pro community.

Neil’s feature is still in the works, so in the meantime he decided to bid a final goodbye to his old feature, the Rigtionary, with his 5 favourite ‘lost words’.

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