Episode 181 – Bop or Bob?

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Hi there!

If you were at all swayed by my heart-felt plea, Matteo’s Just Giving page is here.

As usual, Rob kicks us off with a Back-in-t-Day to the short-lived Community Cup tournament, which died a fairly quick death after it turned out people didn’t really care… which leads us quite nicely into the Magic World Championships happening this weekend. Does anybody really care? Do you even know who’s playing? We played a game to find out

We also accidentally took a fairly deep dive into The Magic Bracket – a project to find the greatest card ever printed by pitching them all against each other in a years-long knockout tournament. David Lyford-Smith, the chap who’s running it, is also raising money for the Samaritans in the process, so make sure to stop by his donation page whilst you’re there.

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