Episode 160 – Can’t see the Forest for the Dryads

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Rob’s Back in’t’Day this week takes us back 9 years to a fateful day… when Matteo himself made Top 8 of a Pro Tour. Has he ever mentioned that? No? Good. Well there you go.

If you want to see the somewhat embarrassing video of a somewhat chubby Matteo, check it out here.

Today’s chef’s special is the rage that’s been swirling around the internet over a somewhat unassuming Forest, er, Dryad Arbor… wait, is it a Forest? No, it’s definitely a Dryad Arbor. I think. If you missed this – long story short, Gabriel Nassif (of PT Kyoto fame) attacked straight into what he thought was a harmless Forest, and likely lost the game because of it. The Internet was not happy. Marshall Sutcliffe did a fairly detailed breakdown video here.

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