Episode 154 – Random Bans

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We’re back to the regularly scheduled podcasting, which means we kick off with the usual Back in’t’Day. This time it’s a somewhat stacked top 8 at PT Chicago 2003, where no less than five Pro Tour hall of famers battled it out in the top 8. The winner was, of course, Kai Budde.

We’ve got two fairly meaty discussion points for you today:

First off, we talk recent bannings. Or, to be more precise, the way that people discuss them, and Matt (and Neil)’s general disdain for said people. The full announcement, with lengthy reasoning, can be found here… and for the love of Matt, go read it before commenting.

Secondly, we talk about a post that UK judge Alex Gershaw made on our page. It’s basically about how PPTQs are stretching the judge community too thin, but you can read his full post here:

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