Episode 141 – Nationals in Review

Hi there!

So Nationals has been and gone, for us at least, and here’s our chance to look back at it fondly. All in all, it left a great impression on us.

Fittingly, Rob kicks us off with the final Nationals event before the 6-year gap – Brazillian (sic) Nationals 2011.

And after that, it’s pretty much all Nationals all the time. Big thanks for Francois and Liz at Axion now for running a great show as always, and congrats to Autumn Burchett and Ross Broxup for making first and second place respectively.

Of course, the real big news of the week is that tshirts are here! There’s a limited supply (for now), so let us know if you want one ASAP!

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Thanks for listening,

The Blue Envelope team x