Episode 135 – Throwback

Hi there!

Rob’s back in’t’day kicks us off with a Journey to Canada, when a somewhat stacked top 8 saw Katsuhiro Mori rise above the rest with a 4-colour Gifts Ungiven deck. Remember Block Constructed tournaments? Yeah, they were cool.

After that, we try something new: we take an in-depth look at a set of old, as well as opening a pack from that set, and this week it’s from when Matteo first started buying cards almost exactly 17 years ago. How time flies…

If you want to see the painfully awkward videos of Matt’s first PTQ win, you can find them here… and see if you can also spot Matteo’s chubby arms in that same channel. And if you want to learn more about the Storm Scale, you can find the rankings we discuss here.

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