Episode 116 — Not Like It Used To Be

Hi There!

It’s another week with a full house, and Rob kicks us off with a fake-out Back in’t’Day. He told Matteo it would be a Canadian Grand Prix, but it turned out it was actually a Pro Tour in the same country… which Matteo did quite well at. Have we ever mentioned that Matteo Top 8’d a Pro Tour? Yes. Good.

You have heard about the year of Flashback Favourites that’s happening on MTGO. A listener wrote in a few months ago to say he really enjoys it when we talk about old formats, and so we decided we’d have a go at talking about these more often. This week, it’s the much loved IPA (Invasion block) draft.

We also spend a little time talking about Matt’s favourite MM17 previews so far, and Neil’s Rigtionary is Ascension/Ascendancy.

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