Episode 112 – ProTesting

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It’s the eve of the Pro Tour, and it’s just a quick hop over the Irish Sea from us. Starting with this tournament, WotC’s running a ‘soft launch’ of a pretty exciting new series it’s running, where the greatest teams in Magic battle it out to become the team series champions and take home a fairly hefty $68000

Because of that, we spend some time delving into the stats of some of the more prominent teams out there: from the Japanese Giants of old, to 6 of the most dominant players out of America. If you want to take a closer look at the stats we discussed, there’s a downloadable link at the bottom of this page.

Oh, and obviously before that we have a back in’t’day with a rare occurrence: two British top 8ers in a single weekend!

If you want to see the video Matt referenced near the end, you can find it here.

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