Episode 90 – Eldritch Moon

Hi There!

With Matt away, we felt it necessary to break the record for the longest intro and dig up one of Magic’s favourite controversial topics: the pile shuffle. Time wasting or not? Randomisation or not? What are your thoughts on this topic?

What with WotC’s site refusing to ever cooperate, Rob’s not exactly spoilt for choice in this week’s Back in’t’Day, but he manages to dig out yet another Block Constructed tournament (hey, remember those?). This time it was a Kamigawa block tournament won by ’19 year-old’ Alex Lieberman.

Eldritch Moon prereleases this weekend and so we go through and pick four cards each that we think are worth talking about. What’s got you most excited for the upcoming set?

Matt’s Top Eighto (no Potato) this week is the top 8 cards in current Standard. Some of the choices are a little suspect, but sadly Matt’s not here to fight their corner…

Neil’s Word of the day is one straight out of the comp rules: Flanking.

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