Episode 89 – Double the Speed, Double the Fun

Hi There!

This week’s Back in’t’Day takes us back only a year to a Japanese Grand Prix in Montreal, which was won by Brad Nelson lookalike Mike Sigrist. Remember when Citadel Siege was a card in limited? Yeah…

As promised on an earlier episode, Matteo managed to source an Eternal Masters booster, so we have a high-stakes crackapack this week. That’s followed by an old favourite game, Woo or Poo. Every tried walking down stairs backwards? No, neither has anyone else in the world (other than Travis).

Matt’s Top Eighto (no Potato) this week is the top 8 people we’ve ever tested with, and Neil’s Rigtionary gives us bears.

If you want to see the 61 card CoCo list Matt’s talking about, David Inglis wrote an article about it on Magic Madhouse’s strategy site.

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