Episode 88 – Pack Rat Returns

Hi There!

This week’s Back in’t’Day takes us back 16 years to Japanese nationals 2000. The top 8 can be found here, and explains why we spend 5 minutes trying to make puns on “Jason the…”.

As you might have guessed, this week is all about Pack Rat. Or, more relevantly, Jethro Harrup – the person who first introduced the game to the podcast. He’s been supporting us in the highest Patreon Tier long enough that he’s gained himself an invite onto the show… and even though packratgate was well over a year ago, we certainly don’t let him forget it.

Unfortunately we had a little technical glitch with the recording (i.e., Matteo didn’t realise his camera only records 12 minutes), but you can find SOME of the video packrat on our YouTube Channel, or embedded at the bottom of this page

Matt’s Top Eighto (no Potato) this week is the top 8 sideboard cards, and Neil’s Rigtionary explains Necro Summer.

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