Episode 83 – GP Manchester Prelude

Hi There!

This week’s Back in’t’Day takes us back to GP Anaheim 2012, when Marc Lalague decided to ignore the cool block constructed synergies and just beat face with his red and green monsters.

We haven’t cracked a pack in a while, and it’s possible we won’t get another opportunity to do so, and so that’s the first item on the agenda. What would you have picked?

In case you haven’t realised, it’s GRAND PRIX MANCHESTER THIS WEEKEND! And we’re all pretty excited. It’s the first premier-level tournament in Britain this year, and it’s the first tournament we’ve all played in together in well over a year. That gives us a good amount to talk about, to fill out the rest of the episode.

To end things, Neil’s word of the day is bolt bait.

Apologies if the recording sounds a bit choppy and disjointed in places – we were getting a few internet issues.

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