Episode 82 – Exclusive

Hi there!

This week, Rob kicks us off with a back in’t’day 3 years ago, when Craig Wescoe took down the Pro Tour with his trusty little white (and green) men.

Seeing as it’s GP Manchester next week (the first UK GP this year), we spend some time talking about our thoughts on the current standard metagame, and what we’re thinking of piloting. Make sure you preregister if you haven’t already, as it’s pretty likely to sell out at this rate.

Trash to treasure this week is somewhat different, as we have an EXCLUSIVE SPOILER PREVIEW from Eternal Masters… except we’re not allowed to tell you yet, so it’s a little bit censored. Make sure you tune in this Tuesday, the 24th of May, to hear the full version.

Neil’s Rigtionary word of the day is… brown. Not so much the colour, but the reason it’s used to refer to artifacts.

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